About Us

Founded in 2008, Variance is an originator of DIWO (Doing It With Others) theatrical distribution. We bring our experience to your table, creating a bespoke release plan that ensures a top-class theatrical release regardless of size, budget, or window where you are in the driver’s seat.

The landscape is changing rapidly, but Variance stays ahead of the curve. We execute traditional platform releases, one-night national event screenings, tours, qualifying runs, and day/date releases. Check out our recent work to see some of our innovative release strategies.

Variance handles all elements of theatrical distribution, including theatrical sales (bookings), festival strategy, exhibitor relations/materials distribution, and collections. With decade-plus relationships with all major chains and independents, we can handle any size release, be it 5 or 500+ screens or an entirely virtual release.

Variance specializes in theatrical marketing, including trailer/key art creative direction, outreach, publicity strategy and management, talent relations, advertising, social and digital marketing, awards strategy, and events/street work. We can handle it all from start to finish, we can work as members of your team, we can consult when you need us, or we can stay out of it entirely - that’s up to you.

Variance works directly with distributors as an “in-house” theatrical distribution team, with past and current clients including RLJ Entertainment, National Geographic, Well Go USA, Screen Media, Shudder, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group, and Starz.

Variance collaborates directly with filmmakers who want to remove the middleman and take charge of their own distribution from start to finish. While previous clients include legends such as Spike Lee, Dave Grohl, and John Sayles, we’ve also proudly released debut films from groundbreakers like Terence Nance, Eliza Hittman, and Damien Chazelle.

Whether you need a theatrical booker, a marketing plan, new materials, or full distribution services, Variance is here to help. Please reach out for an introductory discussion today.

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